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IMG_20170327_084535_745Hey Guys! (These cuties are 6 of me and my sisters’ 18 kiddos) Because of them

… I’m moving the blog to

My sister’s and I have been sharing our lives via viber and have had sooo much fun doing so. We’ve been soo encouraged sharing life’s mundane moments and have decided to start sharing life’s adventure via a sister blog so anyone wanting or needing some sister time can join in too!

I’m not sure how often I’ll post on pparrie because I plan to give you all the nitty gritty with my sisters involved!

Check out our new page! We’ve got about a dozen fun blogs already up so Enjoy!!

5 Things My Husband Does Wayyyy Better Than Me


Isn’t he adorbs!!! Pink girls hat and all!

This post is just for fun because I appreciate this man exponentially after this weekend!

That AND after speaking with a newly engaged friend today; I was reminded of all the things I used to daydream would change about my man.. Probably for 5 years I’d focus way too much on what he ‘lacked’ rather than what he already exuded! What a sad waste of time! I’d be pissed if he tried to change all my quirks and didn’t acknowledge what I was good at so what was I thinking!!! Gurl pleaaaz

So we had 4 extra boys here this weekend and I realized why God gave me more girls than boys…because ..well I’m boring! Jkjkjk but seriously! But that kicks off my #1 thing Jeremy does better than me..

#1 He plays sooo much better than me..and it’s just natural…how did he think of 80 things for these boys to do in 1 minute and think it was fun to ‘entertain’ them ALL DAY LONG?

(I want to learn to just go with the flow and not ‘plan’ soo much..he didn’t plan anything..just felt the vibe of the day, dropped his garage project and played with them..for hours!)

#2 He is way better at relaxing than me. How can he enjoy our kids running at him and tackling him the second he walks in the door after such hard and long and sometimes crappy days!

(I’d be the dad that stays in the car in the garage to collect myself and ‘pretend’ I’m happy to be home to my ‘second job’..but he somehow chooses to leave the 100 things on his mind in the garage and steps into family gear without skipping a beat.)

#3 He is better at loving people than me. I honestly can’t recall Jeremy ever acting like his way was the only way..he is such a humble man and shows love by accepting others opinions above his own. IE.. When the stubborn people in his life (aka me and his brothers) are harsh and act like our way is the only way; he doesn’t fight us…he usually let’s us win and if we were in the wrong it is always proven in the end..and he didn’t have to say one hurtful word for it to play out that way.

#4 He is wayyyy better at giving than me.Whether it is time, $, service or dreams…Jeremy will lay them all down if someone asks for them or is in need. I used to tend towards the “take care of yourself and when your life is in order then you can fully give”… but he has taught me the better way! When you give you always receive … and when your family gives and serves as a unit, you ARE getting what you need as a family.

#5 He is sooooooo much better at sleeping than me!!! This is serious people! How can he sleep through 4 different infants waking at all hours of the night, through endless nights of puking, through the dog whining to go pee, through the toddler tapping on his head to take him potty and on and on and on!!! I’m soo jealous and dream of being that good at sleeping! I like to think this trait isn’t due to exhaustion but happens because his mind is soo at peace about his life and his family and his future and his smoking hot wife that nothing can steal his precious dream time!

(ps* on a serious note..I woke at 2am once to someone coming into our house and had to literally beat Jeremy to wake him…(he later said he was dreaming that he was in a fight being punched over and over and over….and he was correct..I may have even left bruises :/ ..It turns out his brother was driving through town that night and Jeremy forgot to inform me..Anywho that’s how good he is at sleeping)

Can you think of 5 amazing things you love about someone in your life today that may need some affirmation? Spread the love and pass along those words!!

Confessions of an imperfect mom

I thought I’d write a quick confessional so when my kids read this someday; they can’t call me on crap I didn’t share.

I tend to love to linger on positivity and joy ESPECIALLY when I’m with “other” people. It’s like I see “other” people as more important than my own family sometimes! I treat them as though they’re the ones Christ called me to love and kinda give my fam the leftover Polly at the end of the day.

Just last night I thought; do I treat my kids and husband the same at home as I do in public or with friends etc? Am I the same person at home as I am away? And if I’m not, my kids will see the phony I am in no time and may not respect me to the degree they would if I were 100% genuine.

This can be in how I discipline or can be the way I speak to friends’ kids vs my own. I used to cater the way I mothered to how the mothers I was with did it…I wanted them to feel like their way was just right and not feel judged if I did it different than them..but sometimes at my own kids’ expense…and probably confused my kids by changing our ‘rules’ everywhere we went.

I adore kids …my own, others’ and never ever want a child to feel inferior to me as an adult. Lately though I find a speak to my kids in a way I’d never speak to my dear nieces nephews or neighbors. It’s like this annoyed/frustrated/gross voice comes out in me and my kids are totally picking up on it. It’s been helping me to think “how would I phrase this or what intonation would I use with a total strangers’ kid if I were dealing with this same issue?”.

Anywho…struggles come and go and this is my current one… I think the best advice I’ve ever taken is to communicate and apologize with your kids when something is amiss. To let them call us on our crap is soo healthy and empowering and creates an environment full of respect and honor for each individual in a family.

The truth is I AM a great mom and wife..I just sometimes need a reset button and need to apologize to the ones who get the crappy leftover cold apple pie rather than the hot a la mode apple pie from my heart.

I had a heart to heart with my kids and they have full reign to call me on my “voice” when I speak to them.


These preshies will carry bits of who I am into their families someday whether they want to or not…I pray that God sifts out the garbage and plants the treasures deep in them so they can reach heights far above what I reach in their own families! AMEN

Am I out of control..or is control out of me?!

I’m kinda giggling as it is 1:45 am and I got woken by my eldest for no reason other than to say hi quick after she went potty!! Freakyyyy!

8 years ago as a first time mom I’d never expect that I’d still be having babies OR that the 8 year old would still be the keeper of my sleep!

I was thinking of the fact that I’ll have a 5th baby in nooo time and that the old me thought any more than 4 kids meant your life would now be “out of control”.

When my oldest sister had her 5th babe I vividly remember thinking …”it’s offically out of control here”…there are now too many to keep my eyes on, they’re now spread in age enough that they don’t all want to do the same things together, there is literally not a moment of silence in here now, and I will NOT have more than 4 kids!

Hahaha FYI that sister now has 10 phenomenal, selfless, clever, adventurous children; and I have gleaned heaps and heaps of beautiful treasures because of their life…and their mom!

Jeremy and I were at the grocery store and he goes..”that’s a first time mom”… The cutie had it all together…She looked adorable, had half her cart full of her mega carseat that had 8 toys hanging from it and half of her cart full of her mega diaper bag that must’ve had everything she needed for a 10 day trip to New Zealand in it 😉 I’m not sure where she planned to put her grocerys?!

I was her 8 years ago…and we all kinda were at one time or another..and it’s good! Life is about doing what we feel prepares us to be the best we can be and then through experience; letting go of what’s not really helpful or necessary to be what we want to be!

2017-02-04 01.41.40.jpg

The 1st child ate every meal securely buckled in a clean high chair…the 4th child eats 90% of her “meals” on the floor…Just because she likes to and I don’t care to fuss over it.

Soo to keep it short (er)… I was comparing 1st to 4th kids in our house and how I handled them… Just this week we were waiting for Aveyas 1 year checkup and of course she took a massive dump! I knew we were next in line to see the Dr. and obviously didn’t bring a diaper in there (or anything other than my keys) since she’s my 4th kid 😉 Rather than run to the car quick to see if there was a spare in there; I went to the bathroom, dumped the poo in the toilet, wiped the dipe out and put it back on her!

I was laughing in total confidence and freedom of who I’d become since 8 years had passed. I was that “out of control mom” who doesn’t seem to have her crap together blah blah blah…But the funny thing is, I feel wayyyy more in charge of myself and my kids and my life than ever before. I’m not in control any more but I  am confident and happy and in charge! CONTROL IS OUT OF ME! PRAISE GOD!

It truly took this 4th babe to do that though! I am a natural born cleaner, organizer and control gal. And I am sooooooo thankful that this process of having more kids has loosed me of the things that aren’t that important really! I still keep a tidy house and like my family to look nice but there’s a new freedom that has come with #4 and I cannot wait to see how #5 shakes things up!

Tata for now!

Aveya is 1!!!!! (almost)


Last year at this time, my mom had been at our house for 3 weeks awaiting Aveyas arrival AND my mother in law was living with us while waiting for her new house to be available! What a fun time that was really!!! With my previous 3 babes coming weeks early we were all shocked that this babe wasn’t here yet! She was due January 21st and was born January 22nd. AND we didn’t know if she was a he or a she…she was our only “surprise” babe!

We celebrated her birthday this weekend because we get to go to Disney World for her real day!

The best surprise of all is that she started WALKING TODAY!!! She would take a step here or there this past week but is full on walking across the room just today!! How special!


Aveya is the whipped cream on this Parrie sundae. She makes our lives better EVER SINGLE DAY! She favors Aliyah and daddy, has Avalons spunk, petite bod and piercing eyes and copies Brekkens’ every move.

I am soo amazed at who she has become in this short year! It has been a blessed and joyful time and we seriously cannot get enough of her EVER!




(Vey got a big girl carseat and a shutterly book for her bday prezzies from Jeremy and me…she was giggling like crazy in her new seat!!!! Tooo much cutenessss!)


Treat yourself the way you would like to be treated!

I just started reading the book “God is Good” by Bill Johnson. I’m only 50 pages in and stopped so I can really really chew on a statement he made in those pages.

“I cannot afford to have even one thought about me in my head that HE (God) does not have about me”. He explains how even the slightest negative thoughts about ourselves are lies and contradict who Christ says we are. He sees us as we are destined to be….right NOW. He speaks to who we are meant to be so that we believe it and become it. When we entertain thoughts HE doesn’t have of us, it derails our entire purpose on this earth…we get back on the tracks and then the next day get derailed again…by our own thoughts!!!

With a child it seems soo obvious. When one of my littles is truly behaving in a way that is unacceptable, I can either say a) you are acting soo “____”, stop acting that way; it is unacceptable. ..blah blah blah…or b) you are such a good girl/boy, let’s try that again and remember how a kind girl/boy handles this…if you need help figuring it out; I’d love to help.

What if we spoke to ourselves that way? What if when we royally failed as a ‘nice’ mom, wife, friend, sister etc; we just had practiced an internal dialogue that said…”I’m an amazing mom, wife, etc. and I’m going to try that again…” and just kinda ignore the whole badgering how we just acted.

Apologizing is necessary but that’s external. I’m talking about how we are internalizing after you feel we’ve failed. When I have a horrible mom or wife day it feels sooooooo freeing and light when my husband speaks to who I truly am. He doesn’t defend a poor choice I made but says things as simple as “you’re a great mom”.. “you work soo hard for us”… “I love how you ____”. And then my mind shifts off how big of a failure I was onto who I truly am called to be and therefore AM….and then I become that again…

Let’s feed who we want to be. Let’s speak words to ourselves that we LOVE hearing from others…Even when we are feeling less than perfect. Let’s snuff out any words in our heads that we wouldn’t want an outsider telling us we are.

There are countless scriptures that speak of who we are. Maybe having them on each mirror in our house would be helpful. Or just asking those closest to us to keep us accountable. My brother is the one who recommended this book to me. He is the jokester of the fam and can make anything funny! But after starting this book, both he and I realized when he jokes about himself being bald or short or average it may sound funny (because he’s actually very attractive and amazing) but it is a deceiving way he speaks lies over his entire life and it trickles to his overall well being in the end..and he started to believe the jokes he made about himself.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You are designed with a purpose and plan.

Each day is your destiny. Treat yourself like you have a destiny and that todays’ thoughts determine it!


#5…How I love you

Hey wee one!

I’m writing this at midnight because I just can’t sleep and knew this would be our last night of just “me and you”. My big Christmas Reveal will be tonight and then I can shout about you from the mountain tops, you little miracle!! (So this can’t be posted until then 😉 )

You’re nearly 11 weeks old in my womb and not even your daddy knows about you yet! Before I knew you were growing; me and daddy had talked about how he cannot keep a surprise…period!

For example….I happened to be in New Zealand without daddy there when I found out I was pregnant with your ‘big’ sis Aveya (she’s 11 months old right now 🙂 …I had a high risk of ectopic pregnancies so said “don’t tell ANYONE I’m pregnant until I get home and have an ultrasound”… Long story short, I got congratulations texts minutes later because daddy can’t “lie” about his favorite things in life.

Before you were in my womb me and daddy had a brief conversation about him not being able to keep things confidential because he feels he is lying (I love his honest heart). He basically said ‘Polly, you just can’t tell me surprises until you’re ready for the world to know’…sooo that being said YOU will be the one and only surprise I’ve EVER saved for daddy!

I found out you were alive on November 14th, 2016 in our downstairs bathroom after I felt I had been a little mean for a few too many days straight. I have your positive test in daddys Christmas reveal box! I already knew I would wait to tell your dad but didn’t know how long. We headed to my cousins wedding weeks later and I rode with auntie Heather..our only family member capable of keeping anything and all things sacred a secret if you ask her (sorry other fam…love ya…we’re just all too close to keep secrets huh?!?) Anyway..I told Heather because I felt like I was lying about such an important part of my life and told her I’d make you dad’s Christmas present this year. She told me that you and I will share an intimacy and a closeness forever because of this and I believe her!

Soo you and me and Aveya have been chatting together for 5 weeks since and Vey seems excited 😉 No one has commented on how cute and fluffy you’re making my belly or how much I eat or nap or lash out in random moods (except aunt Betsy. ….she totally called I was pregnant TWICE already!!)..and a few friends have asked point blank if I’m pregnant and I had to lie straight to their faces!! Sorry Jamie, Gina and Amber!

It’s been fun chatting with you while everyone is at school and work…I never did this with the other 4 because I would just tell everyone around who asked how I was.

I’ve learned a lot of good through keeping you a surprise. It’s not about ME, it’s about you!!! Because your meema and grandma are the most amazing women ever; they always dote on me while I’m pregnant and make sure every need of mine is met…yes it’s all for you really but not having them to ‘baby’ me has made me really just press into the Lord when I’m nauseous or exhausted or elated that you’re alive!

I’ve kinda learned to buck up really. To fake it until I make it in a good way! To take care of myself in private and be present for others in public, without any attention on me. It’s been fun.

But you’re sooo precious to me!! And it’s time!!! Tonight daddy will open his gift…I took a picture of me holding five wooden #’s and have the positive test under the picture and the numbers.


I framed that pic for daddy.

I think we might send this other photo out to share you with our family and friends though*2f52a59201c71a1b59264f5031cf2f5e

I’ll video daddy and your 4 siblings as they learn of your life! I can’t post it here but will certainly show you it someday!

I love you already! You are a precious miracle and will be Aveyas dream buddy!

Love, Mama

(Oh ps* I got to see you via ultrasound and you’ve got a strong heartbeat and are a little bouncing kumquat right now 🙂